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About the show

Check it Out Comrade is a podcast about indie games. Games for the people and by the people. Two games every two weeks presented in a short form, get to the chorus manner that respects your time. Hosted by Nick Glauber and Gary Butterfield.

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  • Episode 39: Axiom Verge / Year Walk

    June 6th, 2015  |  36 mins 55 secs

    It's a discussion of that special thing that makes a game click as Nick and Gary discuss Axiom Verge and Year Walk

  • Episode 38: Infinifactory / Nuclear Throne

    May 16th, 2015  |  29 mins 55 secs

    Nick and Gary get mutated with Nuclear Throne and throw our brains against Infinifactory. These two games are neither A) Dark or B) Despised! Hooray! Nick and Gary take a crack at Infinifactory and Nuclear Throne.

  • Episode 37: Tower of Guns / Roundabout

    May 2nd, 2015  |  33 mins 41 secs

    Nick and Gary examine some games from yesteryear, literally. It's a break from our grimdark leanings and crankiness from last episode, though not without some crank.

  • Episode 36: A Good Snowman is Hard to Build / Jazzpunk

    April 18th, 2015  |  26 mins 16 secs

    Nick and Gary roll up on A Good Snowman is Hard to Build and Jazzpunk. It's hard to find a pair of games that left us so "meh" but here we are. Listen for details.

  • Episode 35: Castle in the Darkness / Tonight Dies the Moon

    April 4th, 2015  |  18 mins 22 secs

    Nick Glauber and Gary Butterfield discuss Castle in the Darkness and Tonight Dies the Moon.

  • Episode 34: Hotline Miami 2 / Darkest Dungeon

    March 21st, 2015  |  28 mins 12 secs

    Nick and Gary take a shot at Hotline Miami 2 (it's actually good, fuck the haters) and get dank up in Dankest Dungeon.

  • Episode 33: Sunless Sea / The Last Door

    February 28th, 2015  |  35 mins 17 secs

    In this episode, Nick and Gary discuss Sunless Sea and The Last Door. I'd call this our Lovecraft special but it's not like we're not going to do a thousand more Lovecraft-y games. This is one of the best batting averages we've had.

  • Episode 32: Hack 'n' Slash / Massive Chalice

    February 15th, 2015  |  28 mins 45 secs

    Oh Double Fine. How much do we want to love you? Why can we only seem to love you about half of the time? Nick and Gary take a look at Hack 'N' Slash and Massive Chalice. One game that will live on in our hearts, one that will live in infamy.

  • Episode 31: Power Cycle / Tea Leaves

    January 31st, 2015  |  24 mins 56 secs

    Nick and Gary take a hard look at a cyberpunk thriller and a sensitive meditation on the future, both done in the medium of Twine. Plenty of ranting within! Here are the games: POWERCYCLES: Tea Leaves: http://navi

  • Episode 30: Lethal League / Lisa

    January 17th, 2015  |  30 mins 57 secs

    In our "L" special, we talk about a game of pure mechanics and then about a game where the mechanics that both enforce and detract from the narrative. Check it out!

  • Episode 29: The Marvelous Miss Take / Elegy for a Dead World

    January 3rd, 2015  |  34 mins 7 secs

    Special guest Brayton Cameron joins Nick and Gary to talk about a coupla duds with a lot to recommend about them. Check out these duds! Also, check out Teenage Dirtbags, also on the network.

  • Episode 28: Doorkickers / This War of Mine

    December 20th, 2014  |  44 mins 10 secs

    We're joined by Kole Ross from something or other to talk about two violent games. The "title of the year" nominee Doorkickers and the affecting This War of Mine.

  • Episode 27: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    November 29th, 2014  |  47 mins 50 secs

    Nick, Gary and Jenni Polodna from Video Games Taco gush about The Binding of Isaac Rebirth for a good, long while. A serious pro buy. Seriously. Buy it. Seriously, it's pro. Also: Jenni! She's amazing and her stuff is amazing. Check it out, comrades. www.

  • Episode 26: Wasteland 2

    November 14th, 2014  |  57 mins 21 secs

    Nick and Gary finally talk about Wasteland 2 in our longest episode yet. It's not really the MO of the show to cover 60 hour rpg epics from start to back but the early 2d Fallouts are special to both of us. I hope you enjoy.

  • Episode 25: Anniversary Time Buying Procrastination Special!

    October 31st, 2014  |  25 mins 14 secs

    In this very special and not at all necessary episode, Nick and Gary announce our contest winner, look back on the year we've had in the indie space and look forward to what we most want to play.

  • Episode 24: In the Kingdom / Five Nights at Freddy's

    October 19th, 2014  |  24 mins 1 sec

    Nick and Gary check out two games that do interesting things with limitations. Also, contest! Review the show on iTunes and get a chance to win a copy of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth!